Our Specialties


The main purpose of a convention is to EXCITE, MOTIVATE and INSPIRE attendees so they'll achieve even greater things when they get back to work. That's why we do much more than document your event. Over the last 30+ years we've been honing our skills so that our work makes the biggest impact possible. From the excitement of a national award ceremony to the joy in reconnecting with old colleagues, we understand how powerful it is to capture those emotions.

Putting on a great convention is a lot of work and very expense. We want this to be the easiest part of your event. Let our many years of experience put you at ease so you can keep all of those other plates spinning!

Trade Shows

For many companies, trade shows offer a unique opportunity to seek out ways to grow and get their name out there. So, having an experienced trade show photographer document the event is crucial and serves as evidence of a job well done at a trade show.

Whether you’re organizing the trade show or showing off your latest products and services to potential consumers, you need a photographer that will be there to capture stunning images.

Incentive Trips

Incentive trips are a great way to get your employees to work hard and receive recognition for that hard work. These kinds of programs can breathe new life into your employees’ productivity, performance, and retention rate.

Whether you take them on a Caribbean vacation or a ride through the countryside, you need the help of experienced photographers to document the event as it happens. Pro shots are more than happy to supply photographers for your company incentive trip.

Special Events

Planning an event for your employees is an excellent way to let them know that their hard work is appreciated. Whether you’re having a company picnic, holiday party, charity event, or breaking ground on a new building site, it’s always best to have memorable photographs.

An event photographer can capture all the fun and excitement. Pro Shots is here to help with whatever your needs are for special event photography, and we’re willing to adjust to your needs and budget.

Professional Headshots

In today’s competitive marketplace, image is everything. How a prospective customer perceives you is based on the quality and professionalism of your personal presentation. This is why you need a high-quality headshot like the impactful images we offer at Proshots.

Whether you’re a large corporation or a small startup business looking to get your name out there, you’ll benefit from business headshots that offer the best value in the industry. Our team of professional, friendly photographers will give you the best experience during your shoot.

You can trust that the photographs will be up to the highest standards for corporate headshots of the portrait photography industry. With over 30 years of combined expertise, our staff is punctual and professionally dressed, so you can rest easy knowing you’re working with photographers that take pride in their work and understand the importance of executive headshots.

Additional Services

Company portraits need to be updated every so often, but tend to be overlooked due to time and expense. Proshots makes portrait photography fun and easy by bringing the studio to your event!

We can help you capture a consistent company image with portraits of your executive team, board members, or sales associates. Event site portraits offer a cost and time-saving way for you to keep your company image up-to-date.

Proshots can help make your event unforgettable by adding a custom backdrop to the photos taken at your event. We can incorporate your theme or brand to create fun photos that will not only become great keepsakes for your guests, but will also spread the word about your event and business. And what’s even better is that your photos are printed and ready on-site.

Proshots can provide on-site printing for your step and repeat, awards, room gifts, and souvenir photos. On-site printing initiates interaction and engagement with your attendees.

Your event will have added impact when your guests can take home a fun logo branded photo from your event. We can also provide studio lighting and a backdrop for your step and repeat or use green screen technology to give your guests the appearance of being anywhere in the world you desire. Customized props are also available to add to the fun.

Add some interactive fun to your event with a high-quality photo slideshow with up-beat popular music and promote your brand at the same time!

Your attendees will be entertained and excited to see the photos just taken throughout your event. It's a great way to recap the memorable experiences they had.

Our unique photo booth is perfect for any of your social functions or to drive traffic to your trade show booth. Either way, it's sure to provide entertainment for the whole crowd. Not only does the photo booth print out strips or 4x6 prints, it can text the image to attendees within seconds! There are also customization options depending on your specific needs.